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All children with divorced, divorcing, separated and never married parents regardless of the parents sexual orientation have the following rights:

1. The right to openly express love for both parents (and all parents if there is a new significant other in one or both parent’s lives).

2. The right to know the address and phone number of both parents.

3. The right to not be blamed for the divorce, separation, or relationship break-up.

4. The right to be cared for properly by all parents in their lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

5. The right to be listened to and accepted as a person with feelings and needs by all parents involved.

6. The right to not be placed in the position of “negative message carrier” by all parents involved.

7. The right to not be asked to be the “family spy” by any parent.

8. The right to have a positive relationship with all parents and extended family members.

9. The right to be involved (depending on age) and informed about decisions that effect them and the reasons as to how those decisions were made.

10. The right to honest answers to their questions as best as parents are able, with out blaming the other parent.

11. The right to not be interrogated after a visit with the other parent.

12. The right to not be asked to lie or cover up for a parent (for example, about a dating relationship; drugs or alcohol; etc.).

13. The right to know the details of the parenting time schedule (when the children will spend time with each parent and where, etc.).

14. The right to not be used as a weapon of anger with the other parent.

15. The right to have time and appropriate space to heal properly from the hurt and pain of the parental separation, divorce or relationship break-up.

16. The right to remain active in both parent’s lives.

17. The right to know and understand that parents hurt too.

18. The right to know, understand, and believe that they are still part of a family even though everyone may not be living in the same home any more.


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