Craine Counseling and Consulting Group provides counseling services, social work ethics consultations and social work ethics workshops in a variety of settings.

You should seek help if any of the following are present:

1. You and the children’s other parent are having difficulty communicating with one another.

2. There is abuse of any kind (emotional, physical, verbal, financial, sexual, etc.) between any members of the family.

3. Someone in the family has anxiety or depression that does not lessen with time.

4. Someone in the family struggles with alcohol or other substance abuse.

5. Anyone in the family is unable to talk about their feelings.

6. The other parent is totally uninvolved with your child or children.

7. The other parent, or your child, demonstrates delinquent or self-harming behavior.

8. Your child withdraws from normal everyday contact with others on more days than not.

9. Your child is having problems at school that he/she did not have before.

10. Your child is taking sides between you and the other parent or clearly feels caught in the middle.

To find a therapist check out the following sites:

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