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Archive for October, 2016

Absence from Blogging and Writing

In the beginning, blogging/writing was helpful to my everyday existence. Then, it became a task that was hard to make happen. Since then, my husband has died unexpectedly and I find myself once again having the need to write and express myself. So, I consider this question: is writing only for times when the emotions are intense and need to be vented to anyone who will listen? For some, I know their best writing happens when there is a crisis or some emotional extreme that propels them into putting words to paper. I’m hoping to use this new found writing energy to complete a book proposal I started just over 2 years ago on effective co-parenting through and after divorce regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents. For me, the immediate crisis is over but I am finding this new journey of single parenting teenage boys a time for reflection and writing and hopeful eventual new path for me as a single adult. I look forward to sharing my journey with those who wish to join me.

Daily Prompt: Trust


Trust is essential for a relationship to be successful. We need to trust that in the relationship, secrets shared remain treasured. We need to trust that the person we are loyal to will remain loyal to us. We need to trust that the person we love, loves us unconditionally, and will be there for us no matter what, unless we violate their trust. A relationship can be made and succeed or broken and fail depending on the trust. Trust . . .