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DON’T ASSUME . . . How to communicate even if the other person doesn’t.

You know the old saying that when you assume something you make an ass out of u and me? What does this really mean?

Well, it means that we should strive to never take another person for granted.  Every person we encounter has some value in our life even if they are not communicating with us in a manner we wish to be communicated with.

It means that we should not think we know what the other person is thinking or really means when they say something and that the other person automatically understands or knows what we are thinking or what we really mean when we speak. 

It means that we must strive to always speak with clarity and intention. 

It means that we must always ask the other person if we are understanding what they are saying before we respond.

It means that we are listening to the other person more than we are speaking really trying to understand what they are trying to share with us in an effort to connect to another human being. 

Only then, can we truly come to hear another person and understand what they are trying to tell us and help us to understand them.  Only then, can we hope to have true communication with another even if they are struggling in their ability to hear and understand us.

All human beings struggle to communicate effectively. Some people are better at not assuming than others. With practice, we can all rise to the challenge and help improve the quality of our connections for ourselves and our children!